Elaine McCoy

“The Senate must be an independent House, having a free action of its own, for it is only valuable as being a regulating body, calmly considering the legislation initiated by the popular branch, and preventing any hasty or ill considered legislation.”

– Sir John A. Macdonald

Why We Are Here

Meaningful, informed, open discussion – is there anything more important to the maintenance of a democratic society?

That’s what this site is about. An opportunity to share informed opinion and engage in a conversation about some of the pressing matters of our day.

I view my role as a Senator as providing informed, considered and independent perspective on current issues. I will speak from an Albertan perspective, and also as an independent Senator – which further frees me to do this job.

I am not subject to party discipline or approved policy directions, which creates a wonderful opportunity. The opportunity is to approach issues with an open mind and no pre-determined agenda – and to engage with you in an on-going conversation.

After all, that’s how we have always done it in Canada. We are a nation built, not by wars or conquest, but through a series of conversations.