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Now they ask?
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Dec 01 2008 02:27PM

Enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, a friend of mine who works for a large grass-roots Canada-wide organization idly answered his cell phone.  And just about fell out of his chair.  It was none other than the PMO.  Announcing a 'constitutional crisis'.  And asking him to run a poll of his members to ask whether they support the government or the coalition. 


Now that's pretty impertinent, given that the Cons had failed to ask their advice before issuing the now thoroughly discredited Economic Statement.  And, as the opposition parties have been saying all weekend as one retraction after another was rolled out, it's too little, too late. 


It's also downright imappropriate to characterize the coalition's lack of confidence in the Conservative government a 'constitutional crisis'.  If there's any crisis here, it's the government's gall.  I take particular exception to their blatant mischaracterization of the Bloc's role.  In saying "the government of Canada would be at the mercy of people committed to destroying our confederation", they insult a fundamental premise of our parliamentary democracy – majority support in the House of Commons.  In fact, the Conservatives are only in government if the Bloc support them and not someone else.  What they're claiming, in essence, is that the Bloc's support is only acceptable so long as it keeps the Cons in power.  Preposterous!


Besides which, many of Gilles Duceppe's ideas for dealing with the economic downturn have much to recommend them.  Far from being destructive, they'd help all Canadians, not just Quebecers.


Negative messages from the Cons are not working this time, at least so far.  Many callers on yesterday's Cross Country Checkup expressed support for the coalition.  And in Quebec, support for the coalition is overwhelming.   Jack Layton laughed when he called it a Coalition for Canada.  He may yet get the last laugh.


Posted On Dec 06 09:32PM   

Killer Bonsai -- I completely agree and am absolutely amazed that the taped conversation has kind of been missed in all of this.

It is appalling that they (our government!) thought it not only appropriate, but ok to release the fact that they had taped this -- and there wasn't a huge outcry.

I hope this issue comes back into the limelight.  Very frightening.

I think Harper's true colours are coming out in all of this.  He's truly rattled.  He's lost his cool.

Our Quebec friends are equally shocked that Duceppe and Dion (the key author of the clarity act -- which is seen as a big betrayl by many Quebecers) would be 'in bed' together.  V. bizarre!  But that just shows the level of disrespect and disgust for Harper.

I'll take the Duceppe-Dion twins with Layton side-kick thrown in over Harper any day. 

Posted On Dec 06 09:27PM   

"What they're claiming, in essence, is that the Bloc's support is only acceptable so long as it keeps the Cons in power.  Preposterous"

Ha!  Well put, and I couldn't agree more!

However, I wouldn't trust CBC listeners to be the political barometer of the country.  Not many CBC listeners would have voted for Harper's govt. in the first place.  This is not a dig at the CBC: just mostly true about their audience.

Posted On Dec 01 07:46PM   

 Sorry meant to day that the quote came from the comments on the CBC story as one person was trying to explain to another why this was indeed quite democratic!  I think that the right wingers are feeling outplayed and it is driving them nuts!


Granola mom wanting to make the world a better place for her children.

Posted On Dec 01 07:45PM   

 This is the best argument in favour of the election that I have read!  For all those that argue we did not vote this to happen

the people of Canada DID vote for this as the MPs that are IN parliament are the ones enacting this coalition. Does that make sense? 68 percent of us DID NOT vote for a conservative MP.


Granola mom wanting to make the world a better place for her children.

Posted On Dec 01 07:17PM   

 WOW!  The Right wingers are fast! Click here!

Posted On Dec 01 07:06PM   
Killer Bonsai

 In terms of negative messaging,  I will be curious to see what comes of the Conservatives taping the the NDP caucus meeting.  I may be on my own in left field here, but really, does that not alarm anyone?  We are to presume that this was the ONLY time they taped a caucus meeting and it happened to be the coalition one?  I do not, in the least consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but this is a little insane!  OR is it common in the game of politics?  Also makes me question all the claims that Harper was a smooth strategist...

Posted On Dec 01 04:34PM   

Premier Stelmach has just commented.  Something to the effect of "stop the nonsense and get on with the job."  Hard to tell if he's supporting anyone, because in the next breath he sounds just like the Bloc.  He'll work with whoever's in charge in order to get a good deal for Alberta.  Stange!

Posted On Dec 01 04:22PM   

I just watched John Baird on Mike Duffy, CTV.  Sure enough he's preaching 'separatists and socialists'.  Pretending there's a secret pay-off for the Bloc.  He looked like a bull mastiff salivating to get his teeth into the closest piece piece of red meat.

Oops, Perrin Beatty is on right now (Canadian Chamber of Commerce, former Conservative cabinet minister).  Predictably, he's saying the business community is outraged.  I guess he's looking for a promotion.  US Ambassador, maybe?  Sorry, I don't believe him.

Posted On Dec 01 03:11PM   

The Cons have showed their true colours. And they ain't pretty. Two-thirds of Canadians are probably fed up with them anyway (you know, the two-thirds who DIDN'T vote for them...) I know I am. The Dismal PM (he is an economist by training, after all) must go. BTW, did your friend ever run the poll?

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