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Degrees of Madness
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Feb 04 2009 08:02PM

"Insanity," claimed Albert Einstein, "is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  By that definition, the government's current budget plan for SSHRC scholarships is surely insane.  Fully 100% of all new graduate funding in the social sciences is being restricted to "business-related degrees".  Wait a minute.  Wasn't it folks with business-related degrees who got us into this recession in the first place?  Why support more of the same?


63 academics have written in protest: "Excluding the majority from consideration for scholarships limits our choices as a society that relies on new knowledge to prepare a better future. Granting councils rely on peer review, and accord scholarships on the basis of merit, not on the basis of field of study…. we urge parliamentarians to remove the condition that scholarships be focused on business-related degrees."  If you agree, be sure to join this fast growing Facebook group.

Posted On Feb 05 05:54PM   

And let's not forget that the first American president ever with an MBA was...George W. Bush.

Need we say more?

Posted On Feb 04 11:24PM   

Wow. I'll admit I actually didn't believe this post and had to check it out in the budget. But there it was - bold as brass. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility - yes, absolutely. But business-related degrees? I don't think so. Although, when I was doing my Masters I was working on a 13th Century Spanish book of royal taxes. I'm sure that would have been eligible, no? How about scholarships for the study of how we got into this GD Mess in the First Place!!!!!

Posted On Feb 04 08:41PM   

If the scholarships had been restricted to business ETHICS, I'd have agreed.  But promoting the pursuit of money, profit and 'how to get rich' strategies is not helpful.  Thank goodness Barack Obama is giving us a role model for ethical leadership. Happily, he's going to restrict CEO salaries in financial institutions that receive government help to half a million dollars.  Didn't I read that our Canadian bank CEOs are each getting something like $6 or $7 million this year?  After a whole lot of government help?  Time to 'buy American', I'd say.  New American leadership, that is.

Posted On Feb 04 08:35PM   

I joined the facebook group, but it must be supported or why heavens sakes did Liberals support the budget without the reading the fine print? The liberals had an opportunity to make amendments and instead settled for quarterly updates which are already by law must be provided by the govt. This is like closing the barn door once the horses got out - too little too late, and obviously it really didn't matter to the liberals.

Wanting to ensure good places for kids to live and learn in Canada.

Posted On Feb 04 08:29PM   

Ye gods, the Alberta influence is awesome!  Klein did something like this in his 3rd term.  Maybe it had some justification during a boom (although that's a doubtful proposition) but it sure doesn't seem to make sense now.  It's so chintzy.  Let's just support graduate scholarship, period.  Stop trying to make the world in your own image, Harper, PLEASE!

Posted On Feb 04 08:20PM   

...add to this the fact that most of Canada's uber-successful business men and women do NOT have business degrees, but come from a variety of academic and non-academic backgrounds, and you have to wonder what happened to evidence-based policy decision-making. 

Shameful.  Embarassing.  Ridiculous.  Short-sighted.    

And madness, yes.


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