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Obama's Visit
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Feb 18 2009 10:57AM

Senate employees are being advised to stay home tomorrow. Meetings have been cancelled.  All parking privileges on or near Parliament Hill have been revoked for the day.  Some streets are being blocked off; manhole covers have been bolted down; bullet proof screens have been erected; and rumour has it that everything down to the garbage bins and coat racks on the Hill have been checked out by secret service guys wearing dark sunglasses looking for possible (if improbable) security risks.
All this for 6 hours of President Obama's presence in Ottawa.  What should be a festive occasion has turned into a massive display of fear.   What does this say about our much-vaunted freedom and democracy?

Posted On Feb 20 03:17PM   

I thought the capital looked lovely -- esp. with the perfect amount of fresh snow.  The flags lining Col. By Drive and Wellington street were just enough --w ithout going over the top.

But it is too bad that the people of Canada didn't get more access to him (even via an address to our elected officials).  But that can happen down the road.  Clearly Harper didn't want that to be the focus -- though he can't quash Obama's charisma, even from a distance.

I think the security is necessary -- and I'm glad we could pull it off.  Personally, I had my doubts!  Canadians are so tame where security of our elected and appointed officials are concerned. 

(I mean, really, we have a BUS STOP directly in front of our Senate building?  What other country in the world...?)

Posted On Feb 19 09:49AM   
Killer Bonsai

Well, I am watdhing the coverage and I have to say, our parliament looks good!  It makes me proud.

Posted On Feb 19 08:30AM   

Well, I have to say that I am intrigued, excited and somewhat saddened all at the same time. I am curious to know what kind of chemistry they will have, frankly I am excited to have Obama here, but sad that we do not have similar leadership opportunities.

Posted On Feb 18 09:46PM   

This is nothing more than a dress rehearsal for the Secret Service to see how safe Obama can travel abroad. We are akin to lab rats. There can be nothing substantive discussed in six hours. It's all show - we're just a convenient and low-risk place to pitch a tent and hold a revival meeting.

Posted On Feb 18 01:12PM   

I'm with you, stribe ... I'm assuming this is your blog?  Whatever, Scott's Diatribes says it well.  I truly hope our Governor General sticks to her guns and does the gracious thing.  And Rural ... are you serious?  An airport hanger?  Whatever is Canada coming to ... that's just too much (or should I say, too little)!

Posted On Feb 18 01:07PM   

Indeed with all the security at parliment hill why would meetings, however brief, with the GG and Iggy be held in an airport lounge? and an airport hanger? It makes no sense from a security point of view or a diplomatic point of view so the only thing left is Haper partisanship,spin and missdirection. Shame!

Posted On Feb 18 11:36AM   

The last question should also read, what does this say about Stephen Harper anf the PMO? (referring to their attempted manipulation of the press and media over this event)


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