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RIP: His Tremendousness
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Jan 06 2010 11:39AM

As Prime Minister Harper continues to flog his canard * about the Senate blocking his legislation, one wonders what his true aspirations might be.  Zero opposition?  Leader for life, even?  Perhaps he's been studying the life and times of Prince Giorgio I, elected prince of Seborga, who recently passed away.  Known as 'His Tremendousness', Prince Georgio reigned supreme for 46 years.  Quite an attractive role model, for those inclined to complain about dissenting opinions.



In fact, Prince Giorgio I started his own country.  He minted money emblazoned with his own image, issued stamps (also in his own image), mustered a standing army (of one) and wrote his own constitution.  It was a sort of Italian version of the firewalls so beloved of the former Reformer, Stephen Harper.  Only one person challenged him during his entire reign (Princess Yasmine von Hohenstaufen Anjou Plantagenet) and that fizzled out quite quickly.  An ideal modern state, some might say.


But now there's a vacancy.  Who will start the newest Facebook campaign – Stephen for Seborga?  It certainly has a satisfying ring to it, I'm sure you'll agree.


* For the record see here, and here, and here.

Posted On Jan 07 09:40PM   

I love this article, lots of humour, lots of research and history and bang on!

Posted On Jan 07 09:03AM   

I'm chuckling too.  Great way to start the day.  BTW, the Back to Work page now has 83,489 members!  That's huge for Canada.  And it seems to be growing at the rate of about 20,000 per day ... yowzers!

Posted On Jan 07 08:44AM   

OK, this is hilarious.  I actually snorted and spilled my tea while reading this!  Stephen for Seborga definitely has a ring to it! 

Posted On Jan 06 06:08PM   

Enjoyed your television interview today

You go gal

Liked your Senate non blocking comment

I vote we fill the Senate with McKoys

Posted On Jan 06 01:59PM   

Very funny!  If you start a Facebook page for the campaign, I'd be happy to sign up.  The Get Back to Work page now has almost 69,000 members.  That's 13,000 more than last night.  Maybe they'd all vote for Stephen's new job as well.  LOL

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