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Miles H. Patterson, QC
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Jan 19 2011 12:45AM

My much loved husband, Miles Hudson Patterson, passed away last Saturday.  He died as he wished, peacefully, in his sleep, at home.  A celebration of his life will be held at the Calgary Golf and Country Club on January 21, 2011, from 3 to 7 pm .  That's where we celebrated our wedding in 1988, as pictured to the right.  Without doubt, it's been the best 23 years of my life … Miles and I were soul mates, as like as like can be.  He was kind, generous, intellectually curious, and genuinely funny with his dry wit and abiding love of the English language.

Posted On May 20 09:32AM   

 im so sorry to hear about mr patterson's so blessed i was given that oppurtunity to look after him for nearly 6 years.he was a very soft spoken person,intelligent and a good guys are a blessing in my life.thank you for everything...and take care always elaine!

Posted On May 08 08:13AM   

We now have A Majority Conservative Upper House and A Majority Conservative Lower House Government

We NOW ... More than ever ... Need your Second Sober Thought and Informative Updates

Posted On Apr 11 12:50PM   

Sorry to her of your loss but

Respectfully It is time to get back into communicating with your following

Now that we are in the middle of an election

We miss your updates, and informative insite

Posted On Jan 23 09:05AM   

Sorry to here of your loss, Best Wishes into the New Year

Posted On Jan 20 07:09PM   
Zeeshan Hamid

I am so sorry to hear that.  I wish when I die someone writes such a loving post about me.

Posted On Jan 19 08:01AM   

How beautiful, and happy, you both look in this picture.  Real glowing smiles.  So sorry to hear this sad news.

Posted On Jan 19 07:48AM   

So sorry to hear this very sad news, dear Senator.  Wishing you much courage and fortitude.  What a blessing that you two found one another and had so many rich years together.  May those memories keep you strong.

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