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Bill C-10: What Next?
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Feb 23 2012 02:23PM

Canadians continue to speak out against the proposed mandatory sentencing provisions of Bill C-10 (see, for example, this video, sent to me by a fellow Albertan).  They do so even knowing that Conservative senators hold a majority in both the Chamber and on our Legal Affairs committee which means that the likelihood of amending the bill in any significant way is virtually nil. 

Many of my correspondents have started asking: What next?  and What is the chance that a future government will reverse the mandatory sections?  In some ways, the answer to both questions is the same.  The fact is that governments and politicans rarely proceed in the face of widespread community opposition.  What is needed, then, is to ensure that opposition to mandatory sentencing becomes widespread. 

That task becomes somewhat more difficult when we all agree, at some level, that getting tough on crime is a good thing.  However, when the law becomes overly simplistic (as it does with mandatory sentencing), we run the danger of resurrecting the truth of the old adage that said 'you might as well hang for a sheep as a lamb'. 

So, what to do next … the important thing is not to give up.  Continue the conversations at all levels – with coworkers, friends, family members, and others in your community.  Regularly support websites and organizations that seek to bring back the balance we used to have in our criminal justice system.  Be sure to include provincial politicians in your correspondence, since they're the ones who administer the jails etc.  And also make sure you know who you're voting for next time.

Unfortunately, there's no quick fix.  I firmly believe, however, that citizens do make a difference in the long run.  So, please, keep the flame burning.  We'll get there in the end.

Posted On Feb 28 10:36PM   
donna lecht

The last stop for C10 appears to have failed us. Yes I've written letters, signed petions. I have in  fact  signed more petions since this government has gained it's majority than I have ever even seen before.  I left Canada in 2004 and have returned to another planet. The Arab Spring was literally lit by 1 poor soul inTunisia who burned himself to death. How can we keep the "flame burning" Ms. McCoy? Will someone need to publicly die for the cause  to wake up this government? Sadly I do not believe any one of them would care, but perhaps the people would.  Does someone need to take a drastic step before there can be change?  I see no end to what is happening, I fear the future.    Is Canada gone?

Posted On Feb 28 10:32PM   

I appreciate the representation that you are providing for Canadians Elaine. I have to believe that the voice of Canada is with the people, and if we will not be heard, I choose to believe that Canadians will bind together in anyway they can and demand to be governed through the people and not for profit. The people of this country are the ones relied upon by government to enforce these bills, by binding together we can make these bogus bills insignificant.

Posted On Feb 28 12:53PM   

Thanks for this post and thank you for keeping us updated via email. Keep doing everything you can to block this frightening bill.

Posted On Feb 26 10:58AM   

Senator McCoy, thank you for representing Canadians in a responsible and an open manner.  I appreciate your efforts very much!

Posted On Feb 25 09:13PM   

 Wecome to a true Orwellian state; Mr Harper seems to have been inspired by "1984"

Posted On Feb 24 05:51PM   
Blair T. Longley

Maybe, just maybe, the individual registered as leader of the Marijuana Party of Canada might, just might,I have an answer to "what next" should be done regarding Bill C-10, after the Conservatives are able to make that become law, (even IF the Senate postponed that).  Click this link to what we could and SHOULD DO ...




All the rest of that story can be linked out from that one.

Posted On Feb 24 04:48PM   

Thank you Elaine, for providing information.  Harper keeps so many muzzled it is difficult to obtain. 

I agree totally with oldguy63...privatization of the jails is exactly where all this is in the U.S. 
Despicable!  There is little enough rehab going on as things are, only a fool would expect any in a system driven by a bottom line.  Profit would depend on keeping the cells full. 

The rest of the political parties have to get their acts together and provide a viable alternative....and Canada....get out and vote!

Posted On Feb 24 03:05PM   

Keep up the good work, Elaine.  We really appreciate having a few sane heads in Ottawa.

Posted On Feb 24 02:54PM   

Just another example of the militaristic, Neo-Nazi style of thinking on behalf of Harper and his cronies. Why else would the name be the "Harper Government of Canada" rather than the "Conservative Government of Canada".

When the costs of running the prison system get too high, and it will, Harper will sell them off to his corporate buddies, and then when things go wrong with the system, Harper will say that it is not his problem anymore.

The arrogant, overbearing and egotistical arrogance along with narrow mindedness is beyond human comprehension. The rest of the parties have to figure how to get rid of Harper and his gang.

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