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Auditor General's Report
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Jun 09 2015 12:23PM

The Auditor General report on Senate expenses was tabled today at 2:00pm.  I received a full copy ten minutes later, so I cannot comment on the overall report.  However, the Auditor General had asked me for a response to include in his report with respect to my expenses.  A copy of that response is included in the report. This is what I said:


"Thank you for providing me with your findings and conclusions. I, along with my staff, would like to thank the members of your audit team assigned to my files: [They] were good people to work with and I thank them for their time and talent.   It was clear they took pride in their work and we appreciated it.


That being said, while I do not doubt the accuracy of the dates and figures you report [$10,298], I disagree with many of your conclusions and findings, and the basis on which, as described to me, you arrived at them. 


Nevertheless, I have no doubt that your findings will assist with the Senate’s ongoing efforts to modernize, enhance and improve our processes.   I am a great believer in the Senate of Canada and its good works. I fully support the broad principle of transparency within this institution, just as I have always supported transparency throughout my long career. In the interest of moving forward, we will of course accept whatever Internal Economy decides when the matter is referred back to it."

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