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Looking Forward
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Dec 04 2015 10:21AM

Like most progressives, I'm looking forward to the first Throne Speech in a decade that promotes a Canadian agenda based on generosity and hope.  Even the Peace Tower carillon is catching that vibe.  As I sit here typing, she's playing the Beatle's song, Here Comes the Sun. Very fitting!  (Incidentally, she played Can't Buy Me Love on election day - we have a keyboard player with a well-developed sense of humour).  Mind you, I'm not expecting any surprises in the Throne Speech. No doubt it will stick closely to Mr. Trudeau's campaign promises. The more interesting question at this stage is what order of priority he will assign in assembling his legislative agenda. 


In the meantime, after the Throne Speech this afternoon, the Senate will vote to establish a Selection Committee.   Membership on this committee has been negotiated behind closed doors.  Nine senators -- 5 Conservatives and 4 Liberals -- will meet to determine who gets to sit on which Standing Committees.  No independents were invited to participate.  So much for a new approach.  It's going to take more than the Prime Minister's sunny ways and a progressive's natural optimism to bring true change to the governance and practice in this Chamber. 

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Posted On Dec 04 12:11PM   

Its good to see you back givings us a little insightto the inner working of the Senate, Elaine. Whilst the process to select a committee to recomend possible future appointments to the PM may not be perfect it is far better than the alternative. I truly hope this will eventualy  lead to a strong, independent, upper chamber to improve legislation and minimise selfserving and undemocratic bills from being passed without proper scrutiny.

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