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THIS is what Independence Looks Like
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Jun 02 2016 02:49PM

Today the sponsor of a government bill in the Senate called for amendments right away, notwithstanding the Minister's position on the bill.  Now that's new ... radical even. For years, all I've heard is speeches written by who knows who in a Minister's office or, worse yet, the Prime Minister's office.  Senators seemingly in thrall to their political friends down the hall used to solemnly read, word for word, whatever was handed to them.  And then they'd most often fight off all attempts to improve a bill, even if the suggested amendments were innocuous in the extreme.   All that mattered was the party line. 


Not any more.  Senator Larry Campbell (BC) got to his feet a couple of hours ago to ask us to support Bill C-7, giving the RCMP the right to have a union.  But ... and here's the twist ... he also said the bill was greatly flawed.  As written, it would bar the RCMP from negotiating what is normally included at the bargaining table of nearly every other union in Canada.  He therefore urged us all to rewrite the bill to give the RCMP full bargaining powers, because it's only fair to do so. 


Senator Campbell concluded his speech by saying "it's wonderful to be independent to introduce a bill and then to be able to actually talk about it!"   Amen to that!  May it continue forever.

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