Repost: Say YES to Senate Appointments
Posted By Senator Elaine McCoy Jan 31 2014 09:50AM

Below is a blog I posted in December of 2008.


Here's the scoop … we need more Senators.  More specifically, the Conservative Senators need help.  Being so few, they are stretched to the limit (and perhaps further).  Committee work has suffered as a result.  Delays and reduced participation in hearings are just two symptoms of the incredible load each of the Conservative Senators is carrying.   Canadians deserve better.  The Senate's committee reports have consistently served our country well.  If anybody needed a reminder, today's story about airport security should be sufficient.  Not to mention the Mental Health Commission, which is one of the Senate's gifts to the country.


So I look forward to Mr. Harper's appointments.  I only hope he's mindful of the kind of Senators we need.  Here are four criteria by which I will judge the quality of his appointments:

§         independence of mind

§         outstanding service to the country

§         reputation for fairness

§         commitment to a united Canada


You'll notice that party affiliation is not one of my criteria.   I know many Conservatives who fulfil all the qualifications I've outlined.  And the Senate will only get better if we have lively, intelligent debates fueled by healthy differences of opinion.  I'll remain optimistic that the Prime Minister rises to the occasion.

Posted On Jan 31 12:39PM   

 Your optimism surprises. When it comes to Harper I think the glass is empty.