Conference on The New Senate

The Honourable Senator Renée Dupuis:

I would like to thank the conference organizers for inviting me to take part in a “think aloud” session on the “new Senate” to discuss not only the changes to both the nomination process (nominations drawn from applicants from the general public and recommended by an independent committee to the Prime Minister, who then recommends their appointment to the Governor General) and the senator selection criteria (including not having been politically active in a political party), but also the “changes to the internal structure driven by the senators themselves,” whether they are independent, having been appointed under the new process since 2016 or removed from the caucus of a federal political party (such as the current so-called “Liberal” Senators, who are no longer caucus members of the Liberal Party of Canada), or whether they are caucus members of a federal political party (such as the current Conservative Senators).