Senator Elaine McCoy is a lawyer and former Alberta cabinet minister with over forty years’ professional experience in regulation and policy development in both the private and public sectors. She was appointed to the Senate of Canada by the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin on March 24, 2005, during the 100 th anniversary of Alberta’s entry into Confederation.

Senator McCoy was born in Brandon, Manitoba although throughout her childhood she frequently moved with her family across Canada and overseas following various military postings. After completing a BA and LLB at the University of Alberta, Senator McCoy pursued a career in law as senior legal counsel for the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board and as counsel for TransAlta Utilities Corporation.



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Swearing in

Alberta Senators Joyce Fairbairn and Elaine McCoy

Progressive Conservative Senators Lowell Murray and Elaine McCoy with BC Senator Jack Austin

Three generations at the Famous Five monument – Jean McCoy, Senator McCoy and granddaughter Sarah Patterson

Senator McCoy in her Ottawa office

Senator McCoy with political science students at the University of Calgary

Senator McCoy fly fishing

Students at CAWST’s World Water Day, Calgary

Senator McCoy speaking at Alberta Centennial Medals Award ceremony

Senator McCoy presenting Alberta Centennial Medal to Fariborz Birjandian, Calgary, Alberta

Senator McCoy with Alberta  Minister of Environment, Guy Boutilier, and his team at COP 11

Senator McCoy fly fishing

Senator McCoy

Senator McCoy with student delegates from Lycee Louis Pasteur at World Water Day 2007: Dilene Mugens, Olivia Burca, Monica Salib and Gary Durtler

Kim Sturgess (Water Smart), Tom Loucks (Downtown Rotary Club) and Senator McCoy at World Water Day 2007

Senator McCoy inspecting the Diavik diamond mine in the NWT

Hrant Babasyan and Jeannine Pilon, the first woman in Canada to be certified as a diamond cutter, at Arslanian Cutting Works in Yellowknife, NWT

Senator McCoy at the NWT Legislature Council Chamber

Neris Valle (L) and Margaret Grant (R) with Senator McCoy at Alberta PC Convention

Dr. Karim-Aly Kassam, author of one of our Guest Editorials (about Afghanistan), on Parliament Hill after presenting findings to Senators

Senator McCoy with Senate’s hydrogen bus on Parliament Hill

Chilean Ambassador  Chilean Ambassador’s wife, Senoira Maria Angelica Toledo Arcos with Senators Nancy Ruth, McCoy, Merchant, Spivak and Cochrane

YWCA’s CEO, Jill Wyatt, and Carolyn Goard, Director, with Senator McCoy at women’s transitional housing facility

Senator McCoy at Alberta’s Corn Maze

Senator McCoy at Gopher Museum, Torrington, Alberta

Senator McCoy at GlobalFest, Calgary with Rotarian Brian Carnahan

Senator McCoy flyfishing on the Bow

Senator McCoy helping orient new pages

Senator McCoy at California State Capitol

Chris Severson-Baker (Pembina Institute), Roger Thomas (Nexen), and Senators McCoy and Smith at Oil Sands Round Table

Senators boarding airplane for Fort McMurray

Syncrude oil sands mine

Senators at Syncrude oil sands site

Senators Spivak, Cochrane and Smith during tour of Alberta Industrial Heartland

Vance Bekker of Hunt Personnel in Calgary celebrating his first day as a Canadian citizen with Senator McCoy.

January 27th, 2009 – Senator McCoy with Calgary Homeless Foundation president Tom Richter

Change Camp Ottawa, May 16, 2009 – Senator McCoy speaking about

Change Camp Ottawa, May 16, 2009 – Laura Wesley, our gov. 2.0 guru.

Change Camp Ottawa, May 16, 2009 – Senator McCoy, recording change campers comments

Change Camp Ottawa, May 16, 2009 – Senator McCoy with asst. Gwen Crowdis

Change Camp Ottawa, May 16, 2009 – Senator McCoy talking with change campers

Building Trades Conference May 26th – Senator McCoy at Building Trades conference

Building Trades Conference May 26th – Senator McCoy speaking at Energy legislative conference

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Laura Lochman, US Consul General in Calgary, on the 2009 Alberta Oil Sands Tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Margaret Grant, tour coordinator, during a stop at the Shell facilities airport

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Senator Pierre DeBane on the oil sands tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Senator Joyce Fairbarin on the oil sands tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Senator Pierette Ringuette on the oil sands tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Senator Elaine McCoy at the shell oil sands mine site

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Senator Anne Cools on the oil sands tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Mary-Ellen McCullough, asst to Senator Fairbairn on the oil sands tour

Oil Sands Tour, 2009 – Oil Sands truck driver

Enviro Trip to Washington – The Senate Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee in Washington

Enviro Trip to Washington – Senators Dick Neufeld and Elaine McCoy

October 9, 2009 – Jean McCoy celebrating her 90th birthday with her daughter

Conversation Calgary October 31, 2009 – Senator McCoy at Conversation Calgary with Elizabeth Huculak

November 3-4, 2009 – Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner with Senator McCoy at Climate Change Central board planning session

November 21, 2009 – Senator McCoy on a discussion panel at St. Paul University, Ottawa with Dr. John Robson, Mr. David Mitchell, Campbell Clark, Dr. Jack Stilborn and host Joanne Lalonde

University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon with Senator McCoy

At the Global Clean Energy Congress, Senator McCoy was co-moderator of the closing pannel

Global Clean Energy Congress